“Not so long ago, thanks to our faction, the ecological project ” Waste ” was adopted . In addition, significant additions were made to the Program for improving environmental safetyof the city, greening measures are indicated, because it is on it that, first of all, the ecology of the city depends. A fresh example is the fact that the Vladivostok administration sent an answer to the deputy A. Yurtaev from the administration of Vladivostok to questions about the improvement and improvement of the ecological situation in the city. Since the answer is long, we publish only excerpts: “… The Vladivostok Duma approved the orders of voters for the next year, including the repair of city roads, planting trees and bushes, laying out flower beds. The arrangement of city squares will be taken into account when forming plans for several years …”. A complete list of answers and reports can be found in the Vladivostok Duma.