Our summer series invites you through a collection of trips classified by passion. This week, on the volcanoes of Hawaii, in the folds of the earth in Madagascar or on a frozen lake in Mongolia, from the Sahara to the Far North, exploration is in the spotlight.

Hawaii, red magic in the Pacific

Isolated in the North Pacific, Hawaii thrills to the rhythm of volcanoes and vibrates in unison with the ocean.

In Hawaii , Mother Nature performed a number of pure genius. The creation of the archipelago is the result of colossal volcanic roars coming from the depths of the ocean several million years ago. Born from the fire of the Earth, sculpted by the ocean and the capricious winds, the five inhabited islands of the archipelago state never cease to oppose colors and lights, aridity and lush vegetation. Big Island, the youngest, has five volcanoes, two of which are active in the aptly named Volcanoes National Park. A dream for lava hunters, who come to enjoy shows of rare intensity.