Skateboarding is already an Olympic game

Go Skateboarding Day is celebrated around the world on June 21 with activities to promote this sport.

Skateboarding makes its debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

In Japan there will be the World Skate International Federation and men and women will be able to participate in two categories: park or street.

The judges will take into account the difficulty of the tricks, the speed, the originality, the execution of the movements.

The minimum age to participate in the Olympic games is 16 years old

The history

This sport began in 1940 on the west coast of the United States. Starting in 1980, the use of skateboards became so popular that it became part of a culture among young people.

Skateboarding, or riding a skateboard, is also known as surfing on asphalt, since in this sport it is required that a person slide on a board on wheels.

Benefits of skateboarding for your child

Keep in mind that a child under 8 years of age still needs to develop more motor skills to control the skateboard, so ideally, for your child to skateboard, he must already have balance on a bicycle.

Skateboarding is an aerobic activity that provides many benefits to the body.