Taskbar and main menu. Customize Windows 7 Toolbar Show Aero Peek Desktop The appearance of the taskbar in Windows 7 is different from the taskbar in Windows XP. In Windows 7, it looks sleek and semi-transparent. However, a separate panel fast start Windows 7 does not work like Windows XP. Program shortcuts are placed right on the system tray along with tabs. Programs open … And it is not difficult to put a shortcut to programs you use every day on the system tray. Click with the left mouse button on the icon of the desired program. Drag the icon on the desktop and without releasing the mouse button down into the system tray (indicated by the red arrow). Then let go, and the shortcut will stay in the system tray and become available at all times. However, if the shortcut in the system tray is no longer necessary, click on it without releasing the left mouse button, drag the shortcut up and “drop” it on the desktop. The shortcut is immediately removed from the system tray.

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